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Collect and store real-time data streams. Keep data forever with infinite retention. Slice and condense data along any dimension with hyper-partitioning.

  • Zero retention limits.
  • Zero vendor lock-in.
  • Drop-in integration.
durable streams
with infinite retention
fine-grained seeking
across full history
hyper-partition into
many precise views
to Amazon S3

A new retention paradigm

Never worry about deleted live data. Eliminate merging and provenance headaches when mixing new and old data.

pyro/store automatically archives and restores data to and from inexpensive storage, presenting a unified stream of all your data on demand.


Turn your data set into ultra-small, focused views—based on any dimension of your data.

pyro/store empowers you to reap the benefits of a many-partition access pattern, without the operational concerns inherent in other log architectures.

Full-breadth & laser-focused

Rapidly navigate to the exact location in your data stream that you care about.

Seek by time, message count, partition, and more across your entire data history, irrespective of size.

Seamless archival

Keep your data with you. pyro/store manages data at rest in a storage location you control, in a format that you can read without any vendor-specific tools.

limited release


Analyze, detect and react to event data.

Quickly create powerful processing workflows with built-in streaming primitives, or create your own.

Real-time queries
Streaming ETL
Pattern matching
Reactive triggering
Interactive simulation
Declarative YAML design