integrate directly into your product

Query and stream data into any layer of your stack, supercharging your product’s capabilities.


Integrate services into your application with dead-simple APIs. Build your real-time application in an hour, not a month.


Stream data directly to your application for an elegantly reactive product experience. Or pull it on demand.


Slow queries over your events are a thing of the past. Pyroclast uses the latest in research to bound worst-case queries in milliseconds.


Always know what your service is doing with critical, real-time metrics. Be the first to know when there’s a problem.

No more slow cached queries

Are queries over your data slow? Are you working around it by caching query results? Consider that a relic of the past. Pyroclast amortizes all the work usually done at query time and moves it to write time. That’s a fancy way of saying queries are guaranteed to return in a constant, very fast amount of time.

Build robust, real-time applications

Use Pyroclast’s services to rapidly build real-time applications from scratch. Whether it’s analytics to support a scoreboard, or pattern matching to to detect abuse, Pyroclast delivers the essential building blocks to go big with confidence.


Capture and send events to Pyroclast’s hosted storage.

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Create powerful services that consume, transform, enrich, filter, and aggregate events.

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