store every event

Capture and send events to Pyroclast’s hosted storage. Define collections of related events, then use simple APIs or extraction tools to automatically route them to their final destination.


Your original events are always available. Start reading events from any point in history.


Pyroclast archives your events in the order that they were sent. Solve problems that are order-sensitive without implementing complex orchestration logic.


Store millions of events per second without manually tuning infrastructure for performance.


Use fine-grained security control to constrain data access.

Send events from anywhere

Use Pyroclast’s API and SDKs to capture and forward event data from anywhere. Hook into your applications, website, infrastructure, logs, mobile apps, and more.

var client = new PyroclastClient({
  topic: "sensorReadings",
  writeApiKey: "yyyyyyyyyy"

var event = {
  sensorId: "west-4-unit-3-9a41a7",
  type: "temperatureReadingCaptured",
  reading: {
    value: "50.2",
    units: "fahrenheit"
  timestamp: 1495072835000,
  readingId: "90d89077-f7ce-42f9-9a31-a31c60a42ad5"

// Send a single event.
client.sendEvent({value: event});
High performance

Push high event volumes without worry. Pyroclast efficiently manages asynchrony to keep up with your volume.


Upload historical data from your systems in all at once. Backfill missing data from production systems as needed.


Get a bird’s eye view of the event data flowing into Pyroclast in real-time.

Retrieve events verbatim

Read back your events in the same format and order that you sent them. Stream your events to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or anywhere else for permanent storage. Jump through your timeline of events to efficiently read any sub-stream that you want.

var client = new PyroclastClient({
  readApiKey: "xxxxxxxxxx",
  topic: "sensorReadings"

const subscriptionName = "readingsLogger";


var records = subscriptionClient.poll(subscriptionName)

records.forEach(function(record) {

Managed checkpoints

Pyroclast does stream consumption offset bookkeeping for you with no extra code.

Conflict-free subscribers

Start multiple subscribers without conflicts. Pyroclast gives each reader an isolated view of events, enabling different applications to use the same data without issues.


Read your events back in the order you sent them. Pyroclast shields you from the complexity of scalable storage while allows you to depend on its ordering guarantees.

Control access security

Maintaining control over who can read or write events is critical for security. Each event collection has dedicated, rotating read- and write-access keys.

Elastically scale capacity

Elastically control how many gigabytes of events to retain. When storage capacity is exceeded, events are deleted in the order received to match capacity. Permanently archive all of your events forever by using Pyroclast's APIs to forward into S3 or another form of bulk, long-term storage.


Create powerful services that consume, transform, enrich, filter, and aggregate events.

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Stream data into any layer of your stack, supercharging your product's capabilities.

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