Getting started with pyro/store

First steps

Install the CLI.
$ npm install -g pyroclast-cli
Create an account.
$ pyroctl login --region us-west-2
Configure S3 access.

Pyroclast uses an S3 bucket of your choosing to archive your data.

  • Allow read and write permissions for Pyroclast's AWS account ID: c005b837cc2716aa4451c66775e42de0adc660264a78173dab745f500bdd2c15
  • In the AWS web console, on your bucket, click Permissions > Add account
  • Check the boxes to permit: List objects, Write objects

Detailed S3 instructions

Topic basics

Provision a topic
$ pyroctl create topic my-topic --partitions 1
Get sample usage
$ pyroctl get topic my-topic --sdk javascript